703 N Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, (719) 634-3204

I used to be afraid of the dentist until I started to see Dr. Shields. Now  ALL I do is Laugh!
-Beatrice T.


Dr. Shields is a honest, excellent dentist. I went to a "production sized dental office", on a Groupon purchase for a teeth cleaning. After almost 2 hours of being subjected to numerous X-rays, exams, and the most outrageous high pressure sales pitch ever by a non-dental sales person, I left that office, made an appointment with Dr. Shields, who I would describe is a throwback to dentistry as it once was, small office, local, modern, personal, and most important...honest.

All of the things that were being pressured for me to get done by that "production shop" were not needed...bridges, crowns, etc.
- Mike F.
I have had the best care from Mike and staff. In 1998 I went to Mike with what we thought at the time was a terrible toothache. He took care of me and then sent me to a dentist that specialized in facial pain. Discovered I had Trigeminal Neuralgia. Only 1 in 10,000 people may have it. When I come in - I am always asked if this is a good day or bad day before anything is done. Thank you Mike and staff.
- Sharon J. 
I love the Michael Shield Dentist office and the very competent staff that is in place there. From the moment I arrive for an appointment I always feel welcome in their friendly atmosphere. In fact, I might even go so far as to say I look forward to coming back. That is something you would never say about going to the dentist unless you have been a happy return customer for many years. Enjoy your next trip to the dentist, Patrick Higgins.


We brought our son Max to you 5 years ago for ozone treatment of rapid child tooth decay in his front teeth. Max (then 3), now 8 years old never had to have his teeth filled or pulled thanks to your wonderful treatment. The ozone treatment made an incredible difference and sustained them without further decay until they were ready to fall out on their own. Thank you!

I meant to do this earlier but I will say it now, thank you Dr. Shields and your charming assistant for your creative dentistry as you corrected my broken tooth and gave back to me the confidence to smile without hesitation.  It was a tremendous gift.  
Mary Colleen

My entire family has been a part of Dr. Shields dental family forthe past  7 years. As much as I hate going to the dentist (and I do!), I always manage to laugh and enjoy my visit. They even change the radio so I can enjoy some 80’s music. Cindy does an excellent, thorough job as much as I have asked her not to! She placates me by using some “magical gel” that numbs my sensitive teeth while she scrapes my ridiculous amounts of plaque! Dr. Shields office makes a horrible moment enjoyable!
- Nancy S.

Can’t wait to see if Tamie Notices any difference after my whitening! Great job to Dr. Shields and his staff.
- Brian

Dr. Shields takes great care with his patients. I’ve only been going to him for a year and have already appreciated his skill and professionalism, along with his gentle manner. I look forward to many years of great dental care.
- Beth

Dear Dr. Shields,
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the welcoming I received from you and your staff. I look forward to being able to work with you to improve my dentistry.
Thanks again,
- Linda

We've been seeing Dr. Shields for almost 10 years now and I can't say enough positive about Dr. Shields as a dentist and the knowledge and professionalism of his entire staff. All are very courteous, welcoming, and most importantly we are confident that they all know what they're doing. Both my wife and I feel like we're in the best care possible and we highly recommend Dr. Shields.
- Scott K.

I came to Dr. Shields through a referral of Mr. Judge Robert W. Johnson-(my previous dentist retired). I can't remember not having a dentist-(my mother saw to that). My first major decision with Dr. Shields was his suggestion to clean up my smile. So we did veneers on my front uppers. And I want to tell you it has been a terrific improvement and has sure changed my appearance (smile). And, of course, I have had other work done further back in my mouth, mostly cleaning up a lot of old fillings of which has helped the visual look along with the health concerns I might have had later on. I appreciate the quick appointments when I call with a problem.
Thank you,
-Don E.

I trust no one more than Dr. Mike for my oral care. I have been to many dentists, etc. and Dr. Shields is a first amongst equals.
- Jack D.

I have been a patient for Dr. Shields for over eight years now and trust him with my oral health and hygiene. The staff is great and they all keep up with the latest developments in this evolving field. Great work and I look forward to a continuing professional relationship.
- Rick

Dr. Shields & his staff are focused on quality, personal dental care & go out of their way to accommodate the needs of their patients, whether routine care or emergencies. They also do first rate dental work. I highly recommend them.
- Bruce

My family has experienced some less-than-ideal dentistry in the past, and we are so glad we found Dr. Shields! He has a great 'bedside manner' & the most up-to date methods. Two thumbs up!
- Lisa

Dr. Shields has been my dentist since September 2008 and I wouldn't go to anyone else. He and his staff are so caring and very congenial and I enjoy every visit. I know I'm getting the very best care in the city. If you're looking for a dentist, I can highly recommend Dr. Michael Shields.
- Judy N.

Our family has been coming to Dr. Shields practice for 39 years. My husband, two children and myself have had excellent dental care with Dr. Shields office. Dr. Shields & his staff are personable & actually feel like family. They are very sensitive to a patient's needs & it is a positive dental experience. Because of the good dental care, I have all my teeth & will soon be 70 years old. I highly recommend this dental office.